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This is the place for all your computer gags, from swipes at Microsoft to new uses for your PC. Select an image below, then you can either come back to this page or browse as a slideshow.


10MB Hard Disk Anime Mario
Binary Address Burn Baby Burn
Caffeine Machine Captcha 1
Captcha 2 Computer Cake 1
Computer Cake 2 Computer Cake 3
Computer Shutter Crazy Keyboard
Delete Female Gamers
First Girlfriend Fixed Width
Floppy Disk HTML Tattoo
Hal 9000 How Files Get Corrupted
Little Red Facebook MSN Survey
Mac Poster Mailbox
Mobile Computer Monkey Spanking For Dummies
Mouse Move Change Music Or Porn
New Microsoft Keyboard New Mouse
Nun At Computer Oh Shit Button
Paper Clip 1 Paper Clip 2
Paper Clip 3 Planters
Press Any Key SQL Ingredients
System Fail Taliban Dating
Toaster Voting For Dummies
Windaz Too Thoosand World of Warcraft
Wrong Mouse iPod Secret

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