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Funny exam answers

There are no stupid answers, only stupid people. Here you will find a world of funny and stupid answers to exams people have taken. Select an image below, then you can either come back to this page or browse as a slideshow.


Animal Names Batman Calculus
Bonus Boss
Damn Aliens Damn Aliens Again
Divide Doodles
Elephant Essay - Capitalism
Essay - Dr Dre Essay - El Nino
Essay - Jimmy McPerson Essay - Lightning
Essay - Stations of the Cross Essay - US Capitalism
Essay - Walt Whitman Expand Equation
Feline Gender Find X
Forming Clouds God Did It
Graph Shape Hangman Algebra
Human Body Sketch Infinity
James Bond Michael Jackson
Morse Code Name
Ninja Turtles Pro Vs Noob
Probability Procrastination
Pussy (Cat) Repetition
Save Yourself Serves 4
Shortest Story Six=6
Speedometer Square Beavers
Study=Fail Take A Left
Too Much Algebra True or False
Wasting Time Where Santa Lives

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